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Youth GAMESPEED is a true developmental program!

GameSpeed Youth Program
Today’s world is grossly a much different environment than the one that I grew up in. Born in 1971, we were constantly at “play”. Everyday was a new adventure, biking, building cabins, swimming, pick-up games of football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, push-up competitions amongst friends, climbing trees and much more! Hell, we even had recess and gym class in the same day!

Now obviously I can not guarantee that if I were growing up in today’s environment, that I wouldn’t be tempted by the technological distractions. But, what I know for sure is that we had fun, we were creative, we were not isolated to one specific sport and generally speaking we were fit and healthy!

Today the youth obesity rates have risen causing greater increases in health issues. Young athletes are “forced” to play one specific sport and the exposure to the outside world and the creative canvas have been pushed aside.

– The GAMESPEED youth speed class is a true developmental program. Our goal is to create a coaching environment that has a solid mixture of instructional drills that accommodate game and play!
One Hour of Physical Play!

Every Saturday at 10am!
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