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Wolf Tickets: Part Two

Stop Buying the Wolf Tickets…

Mr. Fantastic!
Mr. Fantastic

That is the name they should give some of these “speed guru’s”!

This post is a little longer than I like to write, but well worth the cause and time.

I see this sh** ALL of the time! The coaches that strap the rubber bands around various parts of the athlete or team and have them perform various agility and sporting drills.

Vertimax Lacrosse Training

WHAT??? and I mean WHAT is that all about? ONCE AGAIN,… I’ll ask what is the desired outcome? So…. change of direction is about deceleration and ground force production produced with “PROPER’ biomechanics…..
I’ve observed videos and witnessed some coaches / trainers load the end range with young athletes?

These “coaches” have a complete disregard for “real movement”.
They are selling parents and athletes the carnival ride.

Why then load movements with a band?

Youth Vertimax Training

If a coach has even a fundamental understanding for kinematics, force production and the sport requirements, he or she would blatantly acknowledge the disruption that they are creating in the movement pattern.

Proper training for the athlete (and general population) should place an emphasis on the long-term health and development, and be guided by SAID principles that are appropriate to skill level and maturation.

The human body will adapt to the stress placed upon it. In the context of this article, the physical stress, and if the reception of the loading (bands) is incorrect, the coach has set the foundation for a laundry list of potential joint and physical problems.

This simply is NOT the environment for that application!

Athletes, specifically young athletes, require training that places a higher focus on generalization of quality athletic movements. Motor control, proper deceleration mechanics, mobility, stability and quality bodyweight fitness.

PLEASE Stop buying the Wolf Tickets… don’t fall for the gadgets and trinkets.
They will only lead you to Oz!

ATTENTION ALL PARENTS… ask your speed guru how this method helps and if the answer sounds like something from Charlie Brown….

Well…….contact me..


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