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~ I first wrote this blog post in 2013 for one of my older blogs, but felt it was worth the repost and share.

Over the years I have received emails and/or messages from younger coaches asking for suggestions on the best “route” to take on becoming a top-notch performance coach. And I will say that a majority of them are looking for me to suggest some certifying body to acquire the all-powerful paper certificate with some arbitrary initials.

Well, I decided to put together a short blog post listing my general curriculum for what “I” feel will lay the proper foundation for advancement in the performance field.

Please take “note” that I do NOT have any specific issues with any of the certifying bodies. I am just a firm believer in the holistic development and that there is much more to learn and see when you examine the details of the whole.

My wish is not to confuse the young coach but to stimulate thought. To ask you to honestly examine the process of application. What is “IT” we seek to learn, to question? Where is this knowledge located and how do we apply “IT”?

So, here is the performance curriculum structure:

101: midori journal / note book { you will need pencil & paper to write thoughts, experiences & sketch observations } Quality Japanese stationery and writing materials.

102: How to brew French Press Coffee { you will need the caffeine, and most notably the ability to understand specific steps and instructions. respect the process and drink it black }

201: Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture Design { Seth Godin makes this statement, “Architecture is a combination of sculpture and art and engineering and user interface. It is high tech and low tech at the same time, utilitarian and beautiful and virtually always budget constrained.” You need to understand the organic nature of construction. }

202: Alex Grey { You will need anatomical knowledge and reference. }

300: Aristotle, On the Motion of Animals { written in 350 BC to solidify your understanding of biomechanics and anatomical movement. }

401: Behavioral Response, B.F. Skinner { Operant psychology is based on the idea that an action taken by a person or an animal often has consequences that occur naturally in the environment. Physical, mentally and emotionally we seek a goal. }

402: Warfighting { You will need various attributes to succeed in life and this transcends into the additional facets of your world. }

500: Study of George Balanchine Dance { You will need to “see” rhythm and movement through stability and mobility. There are so many resources. }

601: Bushido { True warriors build others, true warriors serve and true warriors seek perfection in all areas of life. Strive to be complete and have HONOR. }

602: Japanese Tea Ceremony { Patience is a MUST! }

I am certain this outline won’t make sense to many readers, but then perhaps “TRUE” knowledge is not what you requested. If you are only searching for exercises and sets with reps, then you are on a different path.

I hope you enjoy your journey..


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