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Trench Academy Core Bracing

Whether you are at the gym or an online forum troll, the “core” is always a topic of discussion. Questions range from “how do I get ripped?” to “what are the best exercises?”

I’m not going to venture into the debate of exercise selection or how to get ripped. In the GameSpeed programming we focus on the “responsibilities” of the core of the body.

Coach Rick Daman and I discussed the role of the core in this short video.

Rick Daman & Shawn Moody

Watch The Video!

An athlete needs “bend”. An athlete needs to be able to move in many different directions and many different rates of speed.

To us the core is our center point, it aids the body in force absorption, controls the expression of force to the extremities and protects us against injury.

With proper core development we can:
• sprint faster
• decelerate to change directions
• jump higher
• throw further and more powerful
– and the list goes on…

Within the programming of the Trench Academy, Coach Pete implements static postural holds with the addition of external stresses to force controlled bracing. Maintaining the postural hold along with controlled breathing is taxing and challenging to many athletes.

Push-Up Plank

This specific quality becomes vital for offensive and defensive linemen in the latter parts of a game as they start to become fatigued.

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Coach Shawn

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