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Personal Paths To Recovery

Recently, I have received several emails and direct messages regarding what I do to help myself to recover from training sessions and maintain health. I know that I have made a few direct posts about recovery and a few modalities that I use on the GameSpeed Instagram page.

But, I felt the need to go into greater depth with some of the ways that I attempt to stay healthy. I don’t have a magic formula and my methods are nothing of monumental exploration. I make use of repetition and observation to determine what gives me the best results.

The primary focus is the control and proper reduction of inflammation in the body. These selections are in no particular order. I focus on my food choices and nutrition. I’m far from perfect, but probably adhere to an 85% to 15% ratio of good to poor food selections. I’m game for a kick ass piece of pizza and yummy peanut butter pie on occasion!


First, my recovery begins with a mindful application to my training. Making use of the ITT, and BLaK Reset developed by the IISM. Becoming methodical with the patterning and co-contraction assists me in helping to minimize my movement dysfunction.

Haute Sauna Studios

I frequent Haute Sauna Studio located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. The localized heat from the infrared saunas provides a fantastic healing environment, and it makes me feel truly relaxed post session. There are many benefits to infrared therapy, and the positive impact on immune system function is unbelievable!

Chiropractic Family Health

I have been getting chiropractic care from my friend Shawn Richey for nearly 15 years. I can not say enough great things about the benefits of the chiropractic applications. I’m obviously a big believer in postural care and joint congruency, Shawn takes his time and there are many visits where he’ll make manipulations from head to toe.

I also utilize the power plate within the practice. The power plate is a great vibration therapy that accelerates healing in the body and stimulates the lymphatic system. Schedule permitting, I consistently make office visits 1 to 2 times a week.

Cranberry Cryotherapy

Now the complete contrast to infrared heat, I have made multiple visits to Cranberry Cryotherapy, located in Cranberry Twp. Throughout my athletic years, the use of cold therapy played a large roll in the reduction of inflammation post practice sessions and during the rehabilitation of injury. The cryo-chamber offers me a compressed time-frame to the exposure of the cold. I personally have not performed any research or examined the comparison of the cryo-chamber versus the ice tub submersion, but the my body feels extremely rejuvenated and “ready” when I complete the session.

Sangha Center

I enjoy the practice of yoga. There are many forms and I always advise someone new to the practice to explore different styles and methods to see what benefits them the best. For me personally, I love the vinyasa flow and yin yoga. I appreciate the patterning and blend of the sequencing. I have practiced yoga at many different studios. Recently my visits take me to, Sangha Center with Andrea Kirkham. If you are in the area, please stop in and attend a class.

binaural meditation

A majority of my friends and family would never suspect this next one! But, I get geeked about the research and findings in the relationship of frequencies and the various healing properties. It’s fascinating to investigate the neural connections of frequencies, beats and their health related properties. Even something as simple as a cat’s purr has benefits to the human body.
This has been my go to site to explore various frequencies. Music is therapy… remember that.

tens unit

And finally, I’ll try to put closure to the long-ass post! But, massage, manual therapies and the stim unit greatly assist me with recovery. Again there are many modalities available, so I would suggest determining what works best for you. The stim unit makes for great company while watching the news with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning!

I utilize the following whole food supplements along with my diet to control inflammation. I’m not going to push or suggest any specific brands… they aren’t paying me to endorse them. But I highly recommend looking deep into the ingredients and origin of the supplements. Avoid synthetic bullshit!

• Curcumin
• Bromelain
• Vitamin C
• Magnesium lotion ( topical absorbs into the body at a much greater rate )
• Aged Garlic

So, there you have it. The many paths to recovery!

– Coach Shawn

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