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Recovery In A Crunch!

The reps and the amount of weight are typically the focal point for a majority of the athletes and individuals training on a daily basis. Yours truly was caught up in that commotion at one point in his life as well!

I remember my collegiate playing days and how I was enamored by the offseason strength program and where the “road to my max outs” would take me! ( I was a foolish 20-something! )

Proper recovery is essential for the physical and mental development of individuals. Building recovery modalities into your training sessions / regimen will assist in the advancement of your training goals. This recovery time and process will allow the body to adapt to the stresses placed on it from the exercise movements.

At GameSpeed, we secure each training session with a brief yoga-like flow, to enhance movement patterns and focus on specific areas of the body that “seem” to absorb the most physical stress within the workout.

We focus on our breathing patterns and work within our own personal range of motion.
( One shoe doesn’t fit all feet! )

GameSpeed Yoga Flow

This snipet is just one example of recovery methods that we suggest! There are several others that are found in our free recovery guide!

Hit me up with questions!

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