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One Hundred % Organic Training!

The interwebs have greatly changed the landscape of performance training. Some things for the better, now I’m able to communicate with my colleagues and mentors on a regular basis regardless of their location standing on the globe.

However for every Yang, there’s a Yin, a good to a bad.

The eruption of False Gods, keyboard gurus, and All-American Ol-skool “coaches” have led to an environment of horrific training advice and training programs just waiting to be “copied & pasted”.

Often times, parents, athletes and the general public are pulled into this funnel with the belief that the one-size fits all program will work for them. And of course if a professional athlete executes a specific workout or exercise, then it truly is a message from the gods!

The GameSpeed programming is 100% organic, it’s written in “pencil”, it’s adaptive to the context of the time of year and the athletes.

Speed Training Notes
( Yes these are real-life notes written by me! )

Sure we have a plan, but we must be prepared to adapt. Without boring everyone about the purpose and nature of quadrennial periodized strength training, we have to evaluate the athletes and situation before each training session.


We have to ask questions, what did you do today, what did you eat, how well did you sleep, did you play another sport today, did you workout with your team in any capacity? These questions help to set up the equation to ask about the volume, intensity and the duration of their day and workout.

Our adaptation allows for advancement in the athlete’s workout and training.
When the session is secured with our recovery methods, we evaluate and plan…

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