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Rotational Power For Sports

Over the years ( and I’ve been training individuals and teams for nearly 20 years, so I’m not a newbie ), whether via an interweb blog post or verbal discussion with parents, I have emphasized the need for a holistic and simplistic approach to performance development.

Do your best to avoid gadgets and the tinker toys of “functional” training.

However having knowledge of human movement and the requirements of the sporting event can not be ignored.

Sporting coaches and athletes are often times trapped in the “box” of the sagittal plane of movement. Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, Power Clean etc. ( You can google a list… )

Human Plane Of Motion

GameSpeed programming has always placed an emphasis on rotational development within the transverse plane.

Trunk development ( aka the “core” ) is littered with constant spinal flexion exercises and movements but often avoids or misses the importance of rotational work.

The trunk of the human body plays many roles / functions for movement and that is for another post, or you can simply google some info. But our programming places the focus on the ability to “bend”, we train and observe the stability and anti-rotational development to protect the spine and generate power.

Coach Pete Thistle, who will be the lead in our Trench Academy at Daman’s Strength Training, has been working with me since the ripe age of 13. He has embraced the programming and understands the necessity to be able to “move” and play in “space”.

Medball Rotational Throw

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In this video Coach Pete demonstrates one of many rotational patterns that we utilize to teach movement power development with the transverse plane!

Rotational work is required for many sports and should not be overlooked.
For Coach Pete and the members of the Trench Academy, we want to avoid the “Dancing Bear”!

Not sure about the “Dancing Bear”? You can ask…

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Coach Shawn

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