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Everyday I see it published on the web, in local print advertisements and even listen as people discuss it at sporting events…….. Some local S.A.Q. guru has a “sport-specific” program for athletes?

What does this mean?

The “ONLY” thing that is sport-specific, is the sport itself.
ALL TRAINING is generalized.

There is absolutely no way of duplicating the neurological demands of the sport. There are just too many factors.

Lifting weights, sprint work, agility training, ALL generalized.

As a coach you need to understand the demands of the athlete and the sport.
Look for the common movement patterns, the necessary strength required and proper application of speed.

So, stop running through agility ladders with your lacrosse helmet on and stick in hand. It’s not the purpose of the agility ladder.

(BTW, I always wondered why hockey players didn’t run through agility ladders with their sticks if this is such sport-specific training?……..hhmmmmmmmm?)

It’s about LONG-TERM Development………It’s about the N.O.W.
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