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The hands clap and the huddle breaks. It’s third and twelve because of that damn holding penalty. So, now we have to throw the ball. I know they’ll be keying on me and this defense is prepared. Must have been one helluva scouting report! Ya, look at the corner; he’s talk’n trash already. Can’t see his eyes because of the face shield he is wearing. I wish this play was play-action to give me some more time, but the coaches opted for shotgun formation and me to run the postcorner route. Beginning of the fourth quarter; my legs still feel strong, hands feel great. This is what makes me – ME! I’m on the line, the ball is about to be snapped and the corner has moved up to press me off the line and the safety is rolling over. The ball is snapped! So, what happened next? I’m sure that most of you reading this article have been in that similar situation or have dreamed about. So, to answer you…….I don’t know? You tell me.

With the current development of football strength and conditioning programs in full affect we must examine the quality assets of wide receivers. First and foremost you better have “GREAT” hands and a mentality that demands the “rock”. (Of course in a respectful manner unlike some of our “initial named” pro’s!) Next you better be fearless and tough…because you’re going to be hit. And additionally you better possess fluent and fast movement. Now some of these qualities can be developed and perfected during your practice and / or skill specific work.

The focus of this article is to examine the fluent and fast movement patterns of a wide receiver. Now I know what everyone is thinking. I’ll just run long distance road work a couple of days for “cardio (see also waste of time)” and then run 40 yard sprints to “get me real fast.” Well, if that’s your plan; the D-back we just read about is going to bust your ass off the line and any thoughts you had of catching that third down conversion pass are definitely incomplete. Now don’t get me wrong the sprint work coupled with agility drills will have a significant carry-over to your speed work if performed “correctly.”

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