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Gamespeed Guidance & Curriculum

I often receive emails and/or messages from individuals asking for suggestions on the best “route” to take on becoming a top-notch performance coach. And I will say that a majority of them are seeking my approval on a suggested certifying body to acquire the all-powerful paper certificate with some arbitrary initials.

Well, I decided to put together a short blog post listing my general curriculum for what “I” feel will lay the proper foundation for advancement in the performance field.

Please take “note” that I do NOT have any specific issues with any of the certifying bodies. I am just a firm believer in the holistic development and that there is much more to learn and see when you examine the details of the whole.
My wish is not to confuse the reader, but to stimulate thought. To ask you to honestly examine the process of application. What is “IT” we seek to learn, to question? Where is this knowledge located and how do we apply “IT”?

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